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Mussi, Seadan Security, Dahua provide integrated security for Lucent Gasworks

Lucent Gasworks, Newstead, Brisbane.
Lucent Gasworks, Newstead, Brisbane.

LUCENT Gasworks in Brisbane, which won Best National High-Rise Apartment Building – 2018 at the Master Builders’ National Excellence in Building and Construction awards is secured by an integrated Dahua CCTV, video intercom and networked security solution.

The solution was integrated by Massimo Guida from Mussi Electrical with support from Seadan Security’s Albion branch lead by business manager, Michael Madigan.

“I’ve been dealing directly with Michael and his team for the past 10 years and in that time we have developed an excellent working relationship,” Guida said. “They are readily available to offer product support and advice on design and construct solutions and go the extra mile to ensure our installs run seamlessly.”

With Madigan’s guidance, Seadan’s Casey Jobben, who specialises in the design and implementation of bespoke integrated security solutions, took on the task of putting together the solution. Although challenging, the brief was simple: To ensure the CCTV and video intercom systems be not only networked and seamlessly integrated, but to ensure the security components were aesthetically pleasing. To win the Lucent job the solution had to be as beautiful as the building.

“This system really was a challenge to overcome, however, I thought that in order to accomplish everything in the brief, there needed to be a single branded solution in order to ensure a worry-free integration,” said Jobben. “With this in mind, I decided Dahua was the obvious choice. I’ve worked on a number of jobs involving many brands over the years and some of the best results have been when I’ve worked with Dahua for CCTV and intercom – their solutions are reliable and stand the test of time.”

This is no small application. There are 250 CCTV cameras installed throughout the Lucent’s commercial and residential levels, from the rooftop pool deck to the basement and gym. The intercom system is big, too, with around 200 door stations.

“Unlike CCTV, where the objective was for the equipment to be discreet, the intercom door stations and monitors needed to be not only prominent, but to also be a technological feature of each room,” said Jobben. “I chose the Dahua Black Glass Video Intercom Door Station which complimented the architecturally-designed foyer of the building. To match the modern and minimalistic look of all 198 individual apartments, we choose to integrate the Dahua 7-inch colour monitor.

“When you organise the security for a job of this calibre, it’s almost inevitable to come across a couple of hitches along the way…But what impressed me mostly was the way that the entire solution just worked seamlessly. We used Dahua network switches utilising fibre network as well as copper and it integrated the full IP intercom and IP CCTV solution alongside a Rosslare access control system with a headend management platform solution. The fact that we had nearly all of these components in stock made the process easier.”

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