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C Bus Installation

C Bus Installation
C Bus Installation

With C-Bus, everything is wired back to a central point with connections to dimmers (for lights) and relays (for e.g. blinds, air conditioning). These dimmers and relays are then connected around the home or building to all of the wall switches, as well as any touch screens or sensors that detect light levels and movement if so desired. You can operate lights anywhere in the house and can set up scenes that turn a group of lights on with particular levels.

How would you like to be able to have a ‘goodnight scene’ where you turn off one switch and every light in the house turns off before bed? Or how about a ‘romantic scene’ that dims all the lights and turns up the music in the house with one click? If it’s a hot day, simply press a button and every blind in your house will draw down. Imagine with the press of a single button, an ‘all off scene’ when you go on holiday that closes all the blinds, turns the music off, turns on the alarm system, then turns off all of the lights. Whatever mood you’re in, we can configure to your needs.

C-Bus can also be set up to operate automatically according to scheduled dates and times, or even according to what is happening within the environment around them. This may include dimming up or down as the ambient light levels change throughout the day as well as sensors that detect whether the room is occupied or vacant, and turn off the area accordingly. These features alone could save significant amounts of electricity by simply making sure that lights are not left on or at higher levels when they are not needed.

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